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Moon in Gemini - A Lunar Library 

Lunar Geminis dance through a vivid and intellectually wicked imagination that switches on when emotions become inflamed. They have tremendous skills at absorbing a myriad of information snippets and rarely remain still for long. Under the flight of the messenger through the wispy moonbeams the love of literature, wordplay and knowledge awaits in a mental library that contours an erratic, changeable and free spirited expression. Like the forever shifting Moon, the Lunar Gemini waxes and wanes in a manner that spins their sense of security and emotional centre in a spiral.  
Lunar Geminis are ravenous to soak up knowledge and feel at home in the education setting. They are typically mentally quick and gifted conversationalists; often resonating in journalism, PR and literary oriented fields. Lunar Geminis are brilliant at illustrating their emotions with language though they may lack the sentimental touch. Preferring to keep situations free from heavy emotional torrents; Lunar Geminis typically disappear when emotional responsibilities begin transpiring. As talkative people they find conversation to be of sensual majestic therapy, and their intrinsic reflex is to converse through situations. Their brilliant way with words provide tremendous abilities at verbally soothing distress. 
Like shifting milky moons, Lunar Geminis can blend into any crowd, mimic any mannerism and imitate any accent. Their duality comes into play under the inflammation of emotions and they can seem somewhat split, dissociated, like two people at once in relationship settings. These personalities negotiate a quicksilver and evasive temperament that leaves most people to wonder if they ever met the ‘real’ Lunar Gemini at all.
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